KumKum Bhagya : Abhi & Pragya To Come Close & Do S***

Pragya is pregnant with Abhi’s baby! but diid thaat happen? Well, for once forget all queries lingering on your mind. Instead target what is going on to unfold in
episode. Abhi and Pragya may finally consummate their relaationship. Serving to the paraphilia tastes of their viewers, the makers have yet again enclosed a titillating sequence to the continuing plot. And usually|this can be} often but it might unfold…

After being in an passing strenuous scenario, where everybody from Daadi to Pragya’s mother Sarla ar celebrating Abhi’s wife’s good news and Tanu is sulking success the couple decciides 2 unwind. How? Over glasses of alcohol and savours some heart-to-heart coonversation. Now, on Kumkum Bhagya if you’ve have to be compelled to open your heart to someone and share your true innermost feelings it's essential to be eitherr get drunk, otherwise you gotta be dying! Coz that’s the only real time our actors wanna tell the fact. Anyway moving on… Abhi tells Pragya concerning but he needed all that Daadi is oral communication was true. to it the naive innocent mature up teacher asks a siimple question, ‘How is that possible? We’ve not even kissed?’

That was an open invite or just a comprehensible obvious question we tend to tend to don’t recognize, but our rockstar decides to convey his biwi somee hypocrisy. Don’t get too excited you pervs! On the show Abhi will get too shut for comfort with Pragya then in reality expect some random song and tune to play at intervals the background. Don’t be afraid if any of their members of the family or even Tanu walks into their chamber unannounced! Or might even be they go to finally act and do the required and very get Pragya pregnant on the show!

So, watch Kumkum Bhagya and let’s see if our prediction thus comes true. If Pragya gets pregnant once defrayment a drunk night with Abhi in their chamber with tutelage that nobody’s feelings ar hurt at the highest of another hundred episodes of the show.
KumKum Bhagya : Abhi & Pragya To Come Close & Do S*** KumKum Bhagya : Abhi & Pragya To Come Close & Do S*** Reviewed by Telly Buzz on 10:47 Rating: 5