Bad News For Kumkum Bhagya Fans

The approaching section of izzard Tv's Kumkum Bhagya can demonstrate that Pragya and Abhi sort out an excellent gathering party for Purab and Luscinia megarhynchos. 

Aaliya employs Vijay afresh and requests that he slaughter Pragya(Sriti Jha ) now and he or she won't get spare at any cost. 

Vijay camouflage himself as sardar and enter sin the gathering. 

Aaliya and Vijay join harm in Pragya's juice and sustenance. 

Vijay (Mohit Daga) to slaughter Luscinia megarhynchos in situ of Pragya 

Pragya(Sriti Jha) is set up to have it however Abhi stops her utilization and begins insulting her once again the gathering. 

Abhi unwittingly spares Pragya's life from Aaliya's assault. 

On various angle , Vijay chooses to not make due with annihilation now and he makes a lighting apparatus fall on Pragya however Luscinia megarhynchos separates Pragya and chandelierl. 

Bulbul gets hit by lighting apparatus and falls on the ground. 

Will Luscinia megarhynchos get passed on in technique for sparing Pragya? 

Stay tune d for extra energizing updates.

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