Bad News For Ruhanika Dhawan Fans

The most loved Televison child actor who plays ‘Ruhi’ in ‘Yeh Hai Mohabbatein’ is currently on a trip to London where she has a Chirstmas Event to attend. The pictures of Ruhanika leaving Mumbai for the show in Birmingham break our heart though!

Seeing ‘Ruhi’s arm in the cast is not a good sight but the bubbly little baby looks very excited and thrilled for this trip.
Ruhanika leaving for Mumbai Airport where she’s seen holding her favorite toy ‘Minnie’ in her right arm. Ruhi injured her left arm during a friend’s party where she accidentaly twisted her arm while sliding from a slide.

Excited Ruhanika at the Airport. The Trunkie and Minnie seen in the picture are the things she never flied without!
Ruhanika  Dhawan at the airport, resting at the Business Lounge before catching the flight.

on the other hand Ruhanika’s mother Dolly Dhawan is worried about her daughter’s state & requested fans to not bother her much during the event because of her broken arm.

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