Breaking News : OMG Ranveer Is Murderer

In colours Meri Aashqui Tumse Hi is superb the viewers with it’s attention-grabbing twists and turns in each episode.
As we've seen,Nirbhay Singh goes on tormenting Ishaani at his palatial target Haryana. First, he calls her his domestic help and resolves to treat her worse than different servants of the house.

As reported regarding Nirbhay (Mohit Abrol) seeking revenge from Ranvir for a few personal purpose. And now, we tend to make known to you the rationale behind his emotion.
According to a supply, “Viewers have already seen Nirbhay and Ritika (Smriti Khanna) spreading rumors regarding Ishani being married to Nirbhay. and therefore the news has already reached Ranvir’s ears further. But, the $64000 reason behind Nirbhay’s hostility toward Ranvir is that he believes Ranvir to be his wife’s murderer”.

Yes, viewers would bear in mind that there was a sequence within the series, once Ranveer tried to chase Milan. throughout that point whereas chasing Milan, Ranveer accidently suddenly met Nirbhay’s wife’s automobile, that diode to her accident.
Though Ranvir wasn't aware of an equivalent, Nirbhay holds him accountable for the very fact and determined to spoil Ranveer’s romantic life.
Will Ranvir ready to reach Ishaani? what is going to be next arrange of Nirbhay?

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