Naagin : Shivanya gets scared hearing a horror voice

The prospective part of hues Show Naagin can demonstrate that Ritik and Shivanay return on their special first night wherever Ritik's adoration for his naturally better half Shivanya is expanding step by step however Shivanya could maintain a strategic distance from him accordingly of she is a Naagin. 

Rithik sees sunshine is disturbing Shivanya while she was resting and he covers her face consequently she will have the capacity to rest gently. 

In any case, all of a sudden, Shivanya sees a drem wherever she hears a repulsiveness voice and Naagmani. 

Ritik makes her see that it had been basically her fantasy however Shivanya can't trust it. 

Shivanya gets apprehensive hearing a loathsomeness voice in her fantasy 

On various perspective, Shivanya loses in her musings with respect to loathsomeness voice and her gown gets chimney. 

Rithik spares her on time and gets wicked alongside her. 

Rithik has turned absolutely insane mate for in Shivanya's adoration and is right now ready to cook for her. 

What will happen once Ritik choose Shivanya could be a Naagin? 

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