Ranveer To Save Ishani From Lion in Meri Aashiqui Tumse Hi

Ishani stalls out in wilderness in night wherever a lion assault on her. 

Ishaani yells for encourage and Ranveer hears loin's voice and rushes to spare heaps of her. 

Ishaani gets oblivious though Ranveer battles with lion and spares Ishani however himself gets rubbed severely. 

Lion tries to murder Ranvir and Ishani feels Ranveer at hazard. 

Ishaani supplications to Matarammi protect her Ranveer. 

Ishaani gets didn't see Ranvir's face 

Supernatural occurrence happens and lion goes from that point. 

Ishani tries to call attention to the individual (Ranveer) confront however Nirbhay comes there and Ishani gets didn't see Ranveer's face. 

We should see once Ishani and Ranveer are accessible before each option. 

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