Shocking Turn in Diya Aur Baati Hum

The forthcoming chapter of  Star Plus Show Diya aur Baati Hum will show that Bhabho gets life imprisonment in case murdering Mohit.

Jailor takes out jewelries of Bhabho and asks her to wear white saree.
Bhabho gets sacred and broken down while giving her jewelries to her.
Bhabho meets Sandhya and Meenakshi before going to jail.
Sandhya gets successful to realize judge about Bhabho’s situation
However, Sandhya once again reopen the case where she covers her face and gathers some other women.

Sandhya enters in the court where she shows judge’s daughter reaping video which makes judge angry.

on the other hand, the video was just fake and it just to make judge realize about the Bhabho’s situation to kill Mohit.
Judge finally realizes the truth and makes Bhabho free from Mohit’s case.
Suraj and Bhabho happily meet while other family members are enjoy Bhabho’s freedom.

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