Swara pushes Ragini In Swaragini

The future chapter of Swaragini will show that Ragini finds out Annapurna went to meet Swara(Helly Shah).

Ragini(Tejaswi Prakash) asks Annapurna telling what Swara told her but Annapurna does not say anything.
 Very much and makes her wear black cloths.
Ragini says to  Annapurna that if she will not tell the truth then she will black her face.
Ragini takes black color and tries applying it on Annapurna’s face but Swara comes there.

Swara(Helly Shah) stops Ragini and twist her hand tightly.
Swara scolds Ragini for hurting her family
Sujata accuses Swara that all things are happening just because of her.
Uttara supports Swara but Sujata scolds her.

Swara and Ragini have high verbal argument and Swara pushes Ragini and Ragini falls in black water bowl.
Ragin igets angry while Dadi consoles her.
Stay tuned for further exciting updates.

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  1. Finally swara do anything with her she deserves it and her dadi to