Swaragini : OMG Durga Prasad’s past connects with Sanskaar !

The forthcoming chapter of  Colors Show Swaragini will show that Ragini gets some evidence to expose Durga Prasad in New Year party.
Swara says to  sanskaar about some photos and Ragini‘s intension to defame Durga Prasad in party.
Sanskaar gets the photos and tries to show them but Ragini and Dadi come there.
Ragini gets shocked seeing Sanskaar gets those photos.

Durga Prasad’s past connects with Sanskaar

To stop Sanskaar, Ragini hits on Sanskaar’s head by a flower vase & he falls on down in unconscious state.
It will reveal that Durga Prasad’s past is have some connection with Sanskaar .
Ragini wants to bring storm in Maheshwari family revealing this truth.

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