Yeh Hai Mohabbtein : Raman To Die ?

 Shagun & Ishita saw the goons coming & had no option than to hide in the lake. They did not know high alert of the crocodile presence in the lake. They get attacked by the crocodile. Shagun rushes Ishita(Divyanka Tripathi ) to hospital. Shagun was doing formalities in the hospital. Raman is stunned seeing Shagun alive. He says you are alive and slaps her. He says Ishita is dying to save you, I would have killed you if my child was not in your womb. He drags her to the family. Bhalla family gets shocked seeing Shagun. Bhallas feel Shagun has done something wrong. 

Raman gets annoyed with Shagun and also with Ishita for hiding this truth. Shagun needed help from Raman, but he got angry. Raman is worried for Ishita who is critical in the ICU after getting bitten by the crocodile. Ishita’s life is in risk. Shagun knows Raman is angry and reacting this way, but once Ishita gets fine and tells the motive of this drama, everything will be fine.
In Coming Episode We Will See Raman Will Be Try To Attemp Sucide 

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