5 Reasons Why We are Happy to See Swara and Sanskar Together in Swaragini

Here we tell you our reasons why we are happy and excited to see them together:

Swara and Sanskar Will Now Start Their Life Fresh

Enough of drama and nautanki, Sanskar (Varoon Kapoor) and Swara will now start their life afresh thinking about themselves rather than trying to sort out other people’s lives. They will finally concentrate on themselves – A thing, which Sanskar was awaiting from long.

They Will Openly Express Their Love

No more of one-sided love. These two lovebirds will finally openly express their love for each other. No wonder, we do want to see them being in love and doing crazy things like any lovers do. Their love story is certainly what the viewers demanded from long. Now that it is finally happening fans are just excited to see the coming episodes.

Swara and Sanskar Romance

It’s been long since we saw any romance in the serial Swaragini except of course the nautanki which Lakshya is doing currently with Ragini (Tejaswi Prakash Wayangankar). However, now that we know Lakshya (Namish)is faking it we have little or no interest in it. We are in fact eagerly waiting to see Swara and Sanskar romance in Swaragini. No wonder, it is long pending.

They Will Marry and Even Consummate Their Marriage

Now that we know that the two will marry yet again. We are really looking forward to all the love scenes including their consummation as we know this time they will consummate their marriage soon unlike last time when they slept separately.

They Will Finally be Happy

We haven’t seen them happy together as whenever the couple was together they never thought about their life but the problems surrounding them. However, this time, we know they will be happy with each other no matter what the coming days has to offer. The fact that they have openly confessed their love and want to live with each other happily is something that is making all the fans happy.
We are happy to see Swara and Sanskar together. Are you? What is your reason?
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