Bigg Boss 9 : Why Salman Khan to LASH OUT at Prince Narula

The young, charming man Prince Narula  might have won the ‘Ticket to Finale’, but the lad seems to have enrolled his name in everyone’s bad books.
Yes, the man has not only made all the inmates against him, but has also irked Salman Khan to the core.
If you are eager to know more about the details, let us give you all an inside scoop of the Bigg Boss house.

A sources shares with us that in tonight’s chapter, Salman Khan will show a video footage to all the housemates, which will show Kishwer and Prince discussing about who should exit from Bigg Boss house. During their conversation the duo bad mouthed about other contestants and at instances, even remarked that others including Keith and Rochelle are not deserving enough to be in the race.

Finally, in the footage Prince shared info with Kishwer that he had signed a contract with the channel for Khatron Ke Khiladi as well. Hence, he has more chance of winning the game.
Smart choice of words Prince Narula .

But, his selection surely made Salman furious as there was hardly any truth in it. Salman will shout on the young man for lying to Kishwer and tricking her on walking out of Bigg Boss. Even others will support Salman stating that Kishwer always favoured Prince, hence it was not fair on Prince’s part to cheat the young lady.
Prince Narula  statement of other inmates not being deserving enough will also irritate others and they will turn against Prince.
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