Heart Melting Twist In Swaragini

Sanskaar & Swara(Helly Shah) sing & dance on Salaam E Ishq song. They convey their feelings by the song. Their engagement is going on and they dance happily. The family dances along with them. After many hurdles, Swara accepted Sanskaar. Sanskaar(Varun Kapoor) forgot his old love and today they are giving salaami to their newly found love. Sharmishta and Shekhar also dance with them. Their happiness got doubled and family is very happy. Ragini is not present in this celebration.
Later on, Sanskaar brings Swara(Helly Shah) by blindfolding her and giving her a surprise. He brings her in a private chopper to an island type place. The love has brought Sanskaar and Swara together. Sanskaar has hugged his love. Sanskaar has showered flowers on his love and planned all this to express his feelings. Sanskaar takes the romance ahead. Swara and Sanskaar are on a romantic date at some far off place. They both dance on Gerua song. Sanskaar took permission from family and took Swara out on a date. He proposed Swara in romantic way. Sanskaar & Swara hug and spend romantic time.
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