OMG Gizele Thakral Speaks On Prince Narula And Salman Khan and Its Shocking

Gizele Thakaral has made some quite surprising confessions in an EXCLUSIVE conversation with Newsportal Read on…

There’s no deny the fact that Gizele Thakral was one of the most notorious contestants onBigg Boss 9! Despite staying just for a few weeks, the bombshell made sure she hogs away all the limelight by breaking into ugly fights day after day! particularly the one where she couldn’t understand what ‘pyschic’ meant and went around blabbering ‘You called me side chick’! Oh she was weirdly entertaining! However, now that she is out of the show, what does she has to say about her journey on Bigg Boss 9? Is she happy with host Salman Khan’s remarks about her big lips? Or for that matter her equation with Kyaa Kool Hain Hum 3 babe, Mandana Karimi? Well, here’s giving you 7 controversial revelations made by Gizele Thakral 

#On Nora Fatehi’s game plan to fake a relationship with Prince Narula 
“It was definitely a fake affair. perhaps, Nora  Fathei  agency guys or whoever’s close to her might have advised her to use this as the strategy. Because there were many people who had even tried convincing me to do the same but I was very clear that I won’t fake relationships. I had no intentions to spoil my image on national television. So obviously, Nora had planned everything! In fact, she had even revealed before entering the show that she’ll either choose Rishabh or Prince Narula . But once she entered the show, she realised Rishabh is not that strong enough! But Prince can save her.”

#On something sensational that will never be aired on television
“When I entered even I thought there are couples, so there’ll  be lots to witness. But I was surprised! Kuch bhi nahi ho raha tha yaar! I think yeh season isliye itna boring hai! Kuch bhi nahi ho raha hai. Maybe because we sleep in the same room na! But ya, Nora and Prince would definitely do something! Not like they were making out but they would constantly giggle and all.

#On kissing Salman Khan/ Shah Rukh Khan with her ‘big lips’
“Superstars talking about your lips, now isn’t that a good thing? clearly they were not making fun! It’s supposed to be taken in a fun way which I think is the best thing! If given a chance, I will kiss Salman because I know him more and obviously he’s really sweet to me!

#On Keith-Rochelle’s ‘strange’ relationship
“I am wondering how can they come on a show as a couple, on the basis of 1-month old relationship. What I found even strange about RochelleRao was when she said, “agar engagement ya wedding hua toh mere gharwale kya sochenge?” But then aap national television pe sab kar rhe ho! Not sab! But obviously, you are sleeping with him on bed and all of that! If she cared about her family so much then she should have taken care of all this too right? If you can’t then you might as well stop ordering like a dominating wife!

#On calling Priya Malik unhygienic because she cooks after ‘Potty’!
“First of all, she always keeps her hair open while cooking &  second thing is right before doing her parathas, she will go and do her potty! She wouldn’t even wash her hands and wohi haath se aata boonti hai, which is like very yuck for me!

#On Prince’s chances of winning the show
At the start I used to actually think that Prince is a very good guy. I had really had high regards for him and as a viewer I would love the way he did his tasks so aggressively. But when I entered the show, I realised one thing very clearly that Prince has this strategy of actually being nice with everyone! Even when the cool gang used to fight with me, he would make sure he meets me when no ones’ watching and be nice to me! Mandana also told me that he would do the same with her! So that way, he’s a player and he is deserving to an extent! But I see Rishabh, Mandana and Keith as my top 3 finalists!

#On promoting Kyaa Kool Hain Hum 3 on Bigg Boss 9
“You think Balaji sent me in? No ya! Let me put this straight. I have been auditioning for Bigg Boss since last three years! And finally this year Anandji took my audition through Endemol and that’s how I bagged the show! It was a coincidence that Mandana Karimi  was already on the show! Or else I was always hoping to be a part of Bigg Boss.”

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