OMG ! Ritik to kill Shivanya, the Naagin?

Gear up for some high voltage drama in the upcoming episode of Naagin serial on Colors TV. There will be past birth twist in the show.
Shivanya  (Mouni Roy) gets unwell seeing the havan kept on Naag panchami to kill the Naagins. Shivanya gets affected by the Naagin tune. Ritik’s family asks Shivanya to sit in havan. Ritvik keeps the havan on his parents’ anniversary, as told by Guru Maa.
Ritik’s (Arjun)  father plans to trap Naagin. He will smartly remove the ring to attract the Naagin to charge an attack on him, after which he plans to stab the poisonous Khanjar, given by Guru Maa to kill the Naagin.  Shivanya comes in her Naagin form. Ritvik’s dad sees the Naagin and follows her.  He calls Ritik and makes him hear the conversation between him and Naagin.
Ritvik hears everything and informs his mother. Yamini ask Ritik to get the knife given by Guru Maa. They both reach there to stab the Naagin. Ritik stabs Naagin.
Guru Maa sees the blood on the knife and says Naagin is stabbed. Ritik’s dad says she will come back again, she is not dead yet.
So will Naagin Shivanya die? We wonder if Ritik found out that his wife Shivanya is the Naagin OR it was Sesha who gets killed?
Stay tuned for more updates!
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