Sad Twist in Swaragini

The Forthcoming  Track  of Colors Show Swaragini Swara(Helly Shah) is scared losing Sanskaar after Kavita’s re entry in his life.

Sanskaar(Varun Kapoor ) also feels love for Swara after Kavita’s entry.

Both Swara & Sanskaar do not want o go away from each other.

Swara says to  Sanskaar to make their relationship strong and ask him to fill sindoor in her maang.

Sanskaar is about to fill sindoor in Swara’s maang but Kavita interrupt them.

Kavita (Nikita Sharma) tries to keep Sanskaar away from Swara

Kavita hugs Sankaar in front of Swara and stops him filling sindoor in Swara’s maang.

Both Swara and Sankaar are helpless doing anything against Swara.

Swara tells Sankaar that he will have take decision about with whom he wants to stay between Kavita and Swara.

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