Swaragini : Ragini to Die ??

The forthcoming chapter of  Colors Show Swaragini will show that Kavita realizes about Sanskaar(Varun Kapoor ) loves Swara a lot.

Kavita says to  Sanskaar that she will go from his life and will never come back.
Sanskaar  & Swara get divorced so they decide to get married again.
Swara(Helly Shah ) is on cloud nine getting the news of Masheshwari family is coming to house talking about her and Sanskaar’s marriage.
Sanskaar promises to keep Swara happy forever

Maheshwari reaches to Swara’s(Helly Shah ) house taking shsgun and asks Swara’s hand for Sanskaar.
Sanskaar makes Swara’s father believe that he will always take care of Swar aand never let sadness come in her life.

Soon Swara and Sanskaar’s wedding preparation will get started where they all celebrate each function.
According To Unconfirmed Source “Ragini Will  Die ”
Stay tuned for further exciting updates.

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