Swaragini : WTF Swara Leaves Sanskaar and ......

The coming Track of Colors Show Swaragini will show that Sanskaar(Varun Kapoor ) comes to temple in search of Kavita and he also sees her.
But Kavita hides in saints group.

To escape from Sansksaar(Varun Kapoor), Kavita(Nikita Sharma ) diverts every one minds shouting as snake is there and everyone runs from there.

Kavita(Nikita ) also runs from there before Sanskaar catches her.
On the other Side, Swara(Helly Shah) also reaches to temple meeting Sanskaar where Sanskaar tells her about entire incident.

Swara (Helly Shah) refuses to believe on Sanskaar against Kavita
Swara refuse to believe on him as Kavita behind all black magic drama.
Swara gets a call and runs to the house leaving Sanskaar alone.

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