Upcoming Twist And Turns in Meri Aashiqui Tumse Hi

 In Colors Show Meri Aashqui Tumse Hi starring Ishani & Ranvir  is going to introduce some new twists filled with a lot of Drama

As we have seen,Ranveer(Shakti Arora ) accepts the proposal of Naina to take revenge from ishani. He determines to hurt ishani as much as possible.
In the approaching episodes,”On the day of engagement of Naina, Ishani will be asked to make Naina ready for the ceremony.

on the other hand, she will be pained to see Ranveer set to tie the knot with someone else, Ishaani will get drunk.After getting drunk Ishani, we hear, will create some real tamasha on the venue, with both the family getting embarrassed. Though Ranveer will get utterly irked with such action, Nirbhay will enjoy his share of entertainment.”

Ishaani will be hell bent to find the secret behind Nirbhay’s Hatred for Ranveer. Ishani finds out how Pooja died in a car accident.She gets ready in Pooja’s Sari and manages to get hold of Pooja’s car keys.She decides to recreate the same situation infront of Nirbhay’s eye’s.

Ishaani hits the car to a tree and gets injured.Nirbhay will be left in shock and address ishani as Pooja and reveals his secret.

It’s definitely a good move by ishani to find Nirbhay’s Dark Past.Will she able to get Ranveer back? Will Nirbhay make his sister Naina’s marriage with Ranveer?

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