Upcoming Twist in Meri Aashiqui Tumse Hi

Ishaani doesn't want Ranveer to get into trouble by getting married to Naina, as she thinks Nirbhay's family members are that good. She decides to extract truth from Nirbhay.

Ishaani takes Nirbhay's late wife Pooja's car. Thinking Pooja is back, Nirbhay follows Ishaani. Even Naina follows them. Ishaani drives the car rashly and meets with an accident.

Seeing Ishaani badly injured, Nirbhay calls Pooja's name and asks her to return back to his life. Also, Naina shouts loudly in shock. Now, because of Ishaani gets back her voice as well!

According to the spoiler, Nirbhay narrates how Pooja met with an accident when his family was going out! But will he reveal completely?

Also, RV, who doubts Ishaani is in trouble goes to Nirbhay's place in a new avatar. He becomes a cook! But RV will be stopped by the watchman. Will RV get to know Ishaani's sacrifice? Stay locked to this space to get latest update...

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