Upcoming Twist in Thapki Pyar Ki

The coming Chapter of Colors  Thapki Pyaar Ki will show that Shraddha tries to harm Thapki by mixing acid in water.

Bihaan catches Sharddh adoing this & scolds her for her evil act against Thapki.

On Other Side , Sharddha makes aplan to defame Thapki in family member’s eyes.

Sharddha says to  Thapki that she wants to eat jackfruit curry and Thapki cooks it for Sharddha.

Sharddha mixes non veg in curry defaming Thapki

But Sharddha mixes some none veg in it so that she tells family members that Thapki cooed none veg in the house.

Thapki also catches Shraddha on seeing non veg bill and scolds Sharddha for plotting against her.
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Sharddha gets angry seeing her plan is spoiled against Thapki.

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