Very Shocking Twist in Yeh Hai Mohabbtein

With Ishita(Divyanka Tripathi ) facing arrest for murder, there is no dearth of tragedies in her life

There is no end of troubles in Dr. Ishita’s (Divyanka Tripathi) life. After the ghost and crocodile track, there was the adoption drama. Since few days, we saw Raman (Karan Patel) and Ishita (Divyanka Tripathi) trying to find out who is the real mother of Rohit. 

As viewers, know it is lawyer Chaddha’s (Lalit Bisht) wife Pallavi, played by Garima Kapoor, who is the real mother of the baby. She has been instigated by Sarika (Sarika Dhillon) to create trouble for the Bhalla couple. They have been getting continuous threats to discontinue their pursuit of Rohit’s mother but they did not relent.

At Same Time , Dr. Ishita will arrested by the police for murdering Ashok (Sangram Singh). The actors have already shot the promo for the same. A desperate Raman will hunt for the best lawyer to save Ishita from the judiciary.

This will mark the entry of actress Pavitra Punia on the show. She will be shown as a childhood friend of Raman on the show and a high-profile advocate, Nidhi Chabbra. However, she will make an indecent proposal before Raman on fulfilling which, Nidhi will take up the case.

So, will Raman surrender to save Ishita? Stay tuned for more updates…

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