Why Pragya Slapped Raj In Kumkum Bhagya

Abhi Mehra will be upset with Pragya as she says to  him that Tanu doesn't love him, but is marrying him for money. He also proves Pragya wrong by taking Tanu to the roadside stall to eat food!
Abhi meets Sarla who is sad with her daughter Bulbul's death. Abhi takes Sarla's permission and blessings to get married to Tanu. Sarla, who also thinks Pragya wrong, asks him to go ahead with his decision

In the upcoming episode, Pragya will be shifting her room as Abhi decides to marry Tanu. She also asks Pragya to move out of the house. Pragya tries to stay calm and faces Tanu

According to the latest promo, Pragya will get to know Raj's truth as he will be shouting at a person (thinking it to be Alia or Tanu) that his plan to ruin Abhi and Pragya went in vain because of her!

Raj is shocked to see Pragya there. Pragya confronts Raj and slaps him for backstabbing his own family. Now, that Pragya got to know the person who was helping Alia and Tanu was Raj, it has to be seen if she will be able to expose him in front of family?

On the other hand, Tanu, Abhi and Pragya will be having a serious discussion. When Abhi asks for Pragya's help, Tanu refuses to take her help and speaks against Pragya. Abhi will not be able to take Tanu's words and slaps her! Does this mean, Abhi got to know that Pragya is doing things for good?

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