Awesome Twist and Turns in Swaragini

The forthcoming chapter of Colors Show  Swaragini will show that Kavya gets tensed about her figure and calls fitness teacher.

Sujata & Annupurna get shocked seeing Kavya (Nikita Sharma) in jogging dress where her teacher touches her during teaching her exercise.

Sujata taunts Kavya (Nikita)  for wearing such type of cloths in spite of being daughter in law of the house.

On Other Side , Sanskaar(Varun Kapoor) & Swarafinally get married where Swara has come back at house.

Sanskaar is happy getting Swara back and finds her alone in the kitchen.

Sanskaar flirts with Swara (Helly Shah) in kitchen

 (Varun Kapoor) holds Swara romantically and flirts with her while Swara asks him to leave otherwise someone come there.

Cute romance starts between Sanskaar and Swara
(Helly Shah) after their marriage where they will also face Kavya’s evil tantrums.

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