Major Twist Will Take Place In Swaragini

In the forthcoming episodes, Swara will be seen communicating with Kavita, who will try try to get the secret plan out of Swara. Kavita will hit on Swara's head with a stick

When Swara tries to see who hit her, Kavita pushes her down. Swara gets unconscious. Kavita drags Swara and hides her in the cupboard. She now feels safe, as Swara is unconscious and she can't expose Urvashi now.

Kavita(Nikita Sharma ) is unaware that Ragini is helping her, in exposing Urvashi. In the upcoming episode, Ragini will wear her mother's (Jhanki) mask and fool Urvashi. Seeing her jiji in front of her, Urvashi will be shocked and will blurt out that she is doing all this to bring peace to her soul

Sumi slaps Urvashi and kicks her out of the house. Ragini will be upset with her maasi. Before leaving, Urvashi threatens Swara and Ragini that they are not doing the right thing by insulting her.
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