OMG ! It’s Officially Over – Anushka Sharma and Virat Kohli Breakup!

From past one week, there have been speculations about Virat and her actress girlfriend Anushka Sharma’s breakup. We even shared the 7 conspiracy theories surrounding their breakup. While we hoped that it is just a lover’s tiff between the two,the buzz is that the scoop is indeed true.

Sources Close to the Couple Have Confirmed the News of the Split

Yes, Anushka Sharma and Virat are no longer a couple and the two have broken up officially. The duo it seems has gone separate ways and is currently focusing on their respective careers. Though neither of the two have come out in open about the breakup or made any official statement, the confirmation of the split has come from the sources close to the couple.

A source close to the couple revealed that their affair has ended and added,

“Yes, marriage was the point of disagreement between the couple. However, it wasn’t a sudden decision. Both Anushka sharma  and Virat kohli seen considering it for some time now. While Anushka is busy working, Virat is clearly not over her. Not as yet.”

Virat’s Heartbreak Selfie Was Rather a Breakup Selfie

We had mention about Virat’s heartbreak selfie that he had recently posted on Instagram and look like it was his breakup selfie. Though the cricketer deleted it, his followers and stalkers didn’t miss the status. Next, when the couple unfollowed each other on Instagram, it was out for everybody to see what is going on between the two. Somehow , nobody knew what was the actual reason until now.

….And We Thought the Two Would Definitely Walk Down the Aisle

Anushka  and Virat Kohli’s hush-hush romance came into limelight when their holiday pics in New Zealand leaked for everybody to see online. Next, the couple made it evident by attending a lot of events together. What’s more, they even visited each other during work. While Virat Kohli went to meet on the sets of Anushka’s film, Anushka too went to watch Virat Kohli  playing in the stadium.

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