Revenge Time In Yeh Hai Mohabbtein

In Star Plus Show Yeh Hai Mohabbtein Raman Bhalla  pushes Ishita Divyanka Tripathi from the cliff to save her from getting hanged. Raman Bhalla saves Ishita and sends her to some safe place. Ishita is announced dead and the families break down. Raman acts to get interested in Niddhi to expose her cheap plan.

RamanBhalla  romances with Niddhi in his room. They both share a drink and spend romantic time. Raman has not forgotten Ishita. He is doing all this by a plan. 

Mrs. Bhalla gets shocked seeing Raman and Niddhi in the bedroom. She goes to stop Raman, saying Ishita’s death happened just few days before. Raman asks what shall I do, I don’t care for anything. Niddhi desires to marry Raman, and is coming closer to him. Raman and Niddhi celebrate their togetherness. Raman knows Niddhi has changed the video footage chip and wants to get that from Niddhi.

 He scolds Mrs. Bhalla and sends her out of the room. Mrs. Bhalla cries in shock seeing Raman changing colors.
Niddhi has taken revenge on Raman by losing Ishita’s case. Niddhi was going to marry Raman years ago, and then Raman married Shagun. Niddhi did not forget how Raman Bhalla rejected her and did all this to get back in his life.

 Raman apologizes to Niddhi and tells her that he will marry her now. Raman will successfully expose Niddhi and prove Ishita innocent. Niddhi will be kidnapping Raman and Ishita’s child and running away, after which a leap will be coming in the show.

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