SHOCKING ! Ankita’s open letter ACTUALLY A WARNING to Karan’s ex girlfriend Kamya ?

Ankita has sent out an open letter to all the haters who are claiming that she’s on the verge of separation with her husband Karan Patel. There were also reports that Karan’s ex girlfriend Kamya Punjabi is responsible for the problems arising between the couple, which Kamya Punjabi denied in strong words saying “Karan does not deserve to get back in my life”.

Now the letter posted by Ankita Bhargava  is an attempt to put an end to the rumors but this looks primarily a response to Kamya’s statements she gave in different interviews when asked if she’s the cause of their separation.

Kamya Punjabi had retweeted a news article on her Twitter timeline in the morning of February 16th and the same day in the night Ankita Bhargava  posted this open letter.

Ankita Bhargava  in her open letter addresses their different natures too which was mentioned in the Daily Baskar article that Kamya Punjabi  shared.
The article quoted a close source of the couple saying.. “Well, the industry is not shocked after hearing their alleged breakup news. In fact, it was shocking when the couple announced their marriage. Karan and Ankita are totally opposite in nature. Karan is more of like a carefree person who likes to drink and party a lot; whereas Ankita is a family-oriented woman. Though Karan had assured Ankita that he will try to change his carefree nature, but so far, all her efforts are in vain. The lady is trying her best to keep the equation balanced.”
Ankita Bhargava  in her open letter, while addressing this particular issue, says … “Yes we are different, As different as Black & White Colour ! But whatever his sould is made up of, So is mine!“.
Ankita Bhargava in her open letter, has supposedly also responded to this with.. “We spend time apart, we spend time together, We give space, We give respect and We don’t come from backgrounds where Divorce, Separation and Extra maritals have ever taken place! It’s not in our system!”.
This is to note here that Kamya Punjabi herself is a divorcee.
Kamya had also lashed out at her ex Karan Patel in this article and she was quoted saying.. “I am very clear that I do not want Karan Patel in my life. I don’t know who is spreading such rumors. It’s been almost a year; the chapter of Karan in my life has got over.
Apart from the separation rumors, Ankita Bhargava got even more furious with Kamya’s lashings at her husband and with her open letter she decided to support her husband.
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SHOCKING ! Ankita’s open letter ACTUALLY A WARNING to Karan’s ex girlfriend Kamya ? SHOCKING ! Ankita’s open letter ACTUALLY A WARNING to Karan’s ex girlfriend Kamya ? Reviewed by Viral Story on 10:04 Rating: 5

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