Shocking News for 'Thapki Pyar Ki' Fans

Ever since the show began, sparks have been flying between the lead couple Ankit Bathla and Jigyasa Singh of "Thapki Pyar Ki" fame. The show brought them together, and it seems the show is now creating distance between the duo.

Bathla and Jigyasa Singh barely have any shots together these days as she is married to someone else onscreen. They’ve had no moments to interact on the sets due to hectic schedules; in addition to that, all the media interaction has also been stopped. Hence, the couple barely gets time to get together on the sets after shooting.

However, we’ve also heard that in the recent past the couple got into an argument, and that has been the real reason why the two have stopped talking to each other. A trusted source from the sets of the show also claims that they have not been on talking terms for some time.

Bathla denied parting ways with JigyasaSingh and told a Web site, “We are hardly shooting together these days due to a change in the tracks and scenes. Hence now , at times we are not even on the set together. However, these days we have a really hectic schedule. So, it is wise to cut on the media bytes. We didn’t have many options left. And I know that our fans are disappointed, so I have intentionally put up a picture of us on Instagram.”

Well that just laid to rest the whole rumor, right?
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