SHOCKING! Shivanya will die on the show

Naagin: OMG! Shivanya Aka Mouni Roy will die on the show

In the colors serial Naagin, Mouni Roy, who plays the role of Shivanya who won the hearts of billions people by her performance. She will be die at the end of the show. The revenge drama of the naagins is unexpected. A new show will come with a new cast from Naagin’s place. (Rithik) Arjun Bijlani , Adaa Khan (Shesha), Mouni Roy (Shivanya) these actors are very populer in the audience.

In the upcoming episode of colors Naagin, we will see, Shivanya and Shesha (Adaa Khan) will reach at the shivling and become more powerful. They take decision to kill the remaing people who related with their parent’s death.

But at the middle, someone will inform to Shesha about Youraj who have some connection with Naagmani. Yuvraj is none other then, he is Rithik. Shesha will try to kill Rithik. Shivanya (Mouni Roy) runs to save the life of Rithik.
There are lot of drama will come in the upcoming episodes in colors Naagin . A Icchadhari peacock will enter in Raheja house to the purpose of kill Naagins.
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