Upcoming Twists and Turns in Swaragini

The forthcoming chapter of  Colors tv Show Swaragini will show that Sanskaar find an evidence which proves Kavita killed Masi.

Sanskaar confronts Kavita for the same and decides to expose her.

But Kavita is one step ahead from Sanskaar and shows him a video which can prove Swara (Helly Shah) innocence.

Sanskaar aks Kavita (Nikita Sharma) to give the video but Kavita puts a condition in front of Sanskaar.

Hearing Kavita’s condition, Sanskaar (varoon)  gets shocked and refuses to accept her demand.

Sanskaar gets shocked to know Kavita has evidance to prove Swara's innocence

Kavita tells Sanskaar that if he will not get ready to marry with her then he will never prove Swara’s innocence.

Sanskaar (Varoon Kapoor)  is helpless because he canm not take any action against evil Kavita.

Will Sanskaar tie the knot with Kavita saving Swara?

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