Why Bharti-Krushna called Kapil post ‘Comedy Nights LIVE’ telecast?

Colors Comedy Nights Live hosted by Krushna Abhishek and Bharti Singh has already replaced the much loved Comedy Nights with Kapil hosted by Kapil Sharma on Colors.

The new show CNL also started some nasty war of words between the makers of both the show. While Kapil Sharma is still silent on the whole issue, recently Krushna called him insecure and that lead to a new fight between fans of both shows on social media.

Comedy Nights Live has failed miserably in its opening episode. The opening episode has been thrashed by Comedy Nights With Kapil  fans on social media but now there is a new angle in CNWK vs CNL!

Recently Bharti Singh who is co-hosting Comedy Nights Live along with Krushna Abhishek revealed that there is no war of words between the current host Krushna and former host Kapil!

In  conversation with TV Times, when Bharti Singh was asked about  Krushna slamming Kapil Sharma and calling him insecure, she said:“Krushna abhishek  and I were discussing this the previous day after reading the reports. He says he had not given any interview and was very hurt when the news came out. He was constantly worried about Kapil’s reaction to all this. He finally spoke to Kapil and told him the entire thing. They both laughed and joked about it. There is no bad blood between Kapil Sharma , Krushna and I. We all are happy for each other.”

Looks like after being thrashed by fans on social media Krushna and Bharti Singh are trying to be modest with Kapil Sharma to win some loyal fans for their new show!
Why Bharti-Krushna called Kapil post ‘Comedy Nights LIVE’ telecast? Why Bharti-Krushna called Kapil post ‘Comedy Nights LIVE’ telecast? Reviewed by Viral Story on 09:38 Rating: 5

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