WTF Is Happening In Colors Show Naagin

In the upcoming episodes, Shivanya will get into trouble as she will be kidnapped by few men. Since, she would have lost all her powers, she won't be able to save herself.

As said by Bhairavanth, Lord Krishna gives back her powers and she gets into the original avatar of naagin. Shivanya aka naagin exhales rings of fire!

Rithik goes to the temple and recalls his past. He gets a severe headache and falls on ground. Shivanya calls out Ritik and expresses her love for him. Unfortunately, Ritik will be unconscious.

furthermore, a flashback will be shown where Yamini will be asking a lady (who is her relative) about the naagmani. She extracts information about the naagmani  from the lady, as she wants to get it.

On the other Side , Ankush, who was a gardener then, will overhear Yamini and the lady's conversation. He too will be aiming to get the naagmani and blackmails Yamini.

afterward, Ankush and Yamini will get married, join hands to get the naagmani. Unfortunately, they will know only one person can reach the place where the naagmani is and that's Ritik, who is Yamini's relative's son.

Rithik's father is alive and he will be the person that Shivanya had seen in the bungalow locked. Ritik's mother will be killed, but we are not sure who exactly killed her - Yamini or Ankush

It has to be seen if Ritik gets to know that Yamini and Ankush are not his real parents. Yamini and Ankush are taking care of Ritik, to get naagmani.

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