9 things King Of Romance Shah Rukh Khan revealed about himself that will leave you SHOCKED!

He chatted with his fans live on #fame & revealed so much that we are now shaken…
We all think we know Shah Rukh Khan. We know what he loves, how he works, what films he wants to do….but then do we really? Today, while live chatting with his fans, he has revealed some really incredible stuff that we are ready to bet on anything you weren’t aware of. So let us begin…

#Shah Rukh Khan, when asked who he is a fan of in the new generation of actresses, he named Alia Bhatt and Shraddha Kapoor. He said, “I have just worked with Alia and she is very talented. I have also heard really good things about Shraddha Kapoor. She is very sweet.” So all you Alia, Shraddha fans, here’s a Khan admiring your favourite idol.

#Shah Rukh Khan rued that he never could become a fan because he became a star even before that could happen. “But I am a huge fan of Muhammad Ali and would love to meet Bruce Jenner. I met Michael Jackson & Madonna but unfortunately, did not get a picture clicked with them.” Jenner, you should be happy!

#When asked if he had ever taken an autograph from someone, Shah RuK Khan revealed, “In Delhi, I took the autograph of Vijayendra Ghatge & Swaroop Sampat who were there to shoot a show perhaps. I have a Mughal-E-Azam poster with Dilip saab’s (Kumar) autograph on it. DDLJ poster has Yash Chopra’s signature. I would like to have James Cameroon’s signature on T2 poster.”

#Someone asked him whether he likes selfies or autographs when with fans and the actor replied, “If they allow me to click a selfie I don’t mind. But everyone has their own angles and nobody clicks it according to my angle. Sometimes my nose looks big. Also, I get really disturbed when people take selfies surreptitiously. Once a gentleman was trying to do the same thinking I wouldn’t know. It was even making noises.” So next time, let SRK do the clicking!

#Shah RuK Khan reveals, “No one at home is my fan. My kids have been brought up in a way where they are taught not to treat my film’s releases as a big day. It’s big for me, not for them. Aryan is a fan of Manga comics and the characters he loves are Deathnote, Kai, Light. Our dogs are even named after them. But I think he might have moved on to Jennifer Lawrence.”

#F.R.I.E.N.D’s fan: “I love Phoebe, Joey and Chandler,” exclaims SRK.

#Shah Rukh listed his favourites from the Oscar nominated films. “I liked Spotlight. The Revenantwas good but long. I loved Creed too but it didn’t get nominated. I got scared while watching Room. Felt a bit claustrophobic as well,” reveals SRK.

#Yash Chopra film: “I would have loved to be part of Deewar, “says Shah Rukh when asked which Chopra film would he have loved to work in.

#Dealing with flops: “Take a bath and cry. Nobody would know you cried. Cry a little bit because at times you can’t do anything,” says SRK.

9 things King Of Romance Shah Rukh Khan revealed about himself that will leave you SHOCKED! 9  things King Of Romance Shah Rukh Khan revealed about himself that will leave you SHOCKED! Reviewed by Telly Buzz on 08:04 Rating: 5

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