Another Shocking Twist in Naagin

It is reported that story ahead will see Ritik taking ‘saath pheres’ with Shesha .

Shocking isn’t? Wondering why will Ritik marry Sesha?

Well, this will all be a part of Ritik’s mother Yamini’s plan to break the unity and bonding between Nagin sisters Shivanyaand Sesha.

According to a source, Yamini and Ankush will plan to trap Shivanya and Sesha on the occasion of Ritik-Shivanya’s sixth month wedding anniversary.

Yamini will first provoke Shivanya  (Mouni Roy) by indirectly conveying to her that Ankush does not have his protective ring on his finger. While Shivanya would go behind Ankush to kill him, Sesha (Adaa Khan) will yet again get into the avatar of Shivanya and will be present at the party hosted by Yamini for Ritik’s wedding anniversary.

However, Sesha (Adaa Khan)will receive a shock when Yamini will choose a moment when Shivanya is away, and will plan for a surprise ghatbandhan and wedding yet again for Ritik (Arjun Bijlani) and Shivanya.

Will Sesha marry Ritik the guise of Shivanya  ? Or will  Shivanya  (Mouni Roy) stop Ritik and Sesha’s marriage in time?

Stay tuned for further updates of colors Naagin!
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