Bad News for Swaragini Fans

Swaragini Latest News : Swara's plan to threaten Kavya backfires on her 

Swaragini Spoilers : Kavya blames Swara for trying to kill her, Swara's plan backfires

The upcoming episode will show that Swara has threatened Kavya by giving Saline water injection.
While Kavya utilizes the opportunity against Swara.
Kavya (Roop Durgapal) makes fake rashes on her body and blames Swara for trying to kill her.
Swara (Helly Shah) says that Kavya is lying and she can prove it.
Kavya again fails Swara's plan and replaces saline water injections with infected medicine injection.

Kavya blames Swara

Swara takes same injections to prove her innocence.
But Swara also gets rashes and everybody is shocked to see this.
Lakshya warns Swara (Helly Shah)  to stay away from Kavya.
Let's see what more twist will  Kavya (Roop Durgapal) bring in Swara's life 
Stay tuned for more latest updates of the upcoming episodes.
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