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The Episode begins with Abhi telling Dadi that he can’t marry Tanu until he gives divorce to Pragya. Pragya thinks about Tanu’s (Leena) smart move, and her conversation with Abhi. She thinks that she has to end Tanu’s game and couldn't let her family suffer anymore

Abhi (Shabbir) thinks he should treat Pragya nicely, and then only she will agree for a divorce. They yet again argue like Tom and Jerry. Pragya falls on Abhi's Lap and the two share a romantic moment. The two come back to normal and Abhi asks Pragya to find someone for herself.
Tanu comes to Aaliya and says that her idea worked. She says that she spoke to Abhi  took him in confidence. Just then Tanu gets Nikhil’s call. She tells him that she followed Aaliya’s suggestion and took Abhi in her confidence. She asks if he got to know about the blackmailer. Nikhil says no.
Meanwhile, Dadi goes to Pragya's (Sriti Jha) room. Abhi leaves and the two ladies discuss how to behave. Till then Abhi comes back and Dadi and Pragya act as if they are arguing. Dadi asks her to divorce Abhi.

Pragya refuses. Abhi (Shabbir) asks Dadi to not argue with the stubborn Pragya. Purab motivates Sarla and says she will again stand up on her feet. He talks about Bulbul and says that he needs to fulfil her last wish. Ronnie comes to room and consoles Purab. Purab says he will punish Bulbul’s murderers and asks for Sarla's blessings. Sarla gets teary eyes.

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