Finally! Finally! Kavya’s truth to be revealed in ‘Swaragini’

Having succeeded in retaining the colors viewers interest in the proceedings, ‘Colors’ show ‘Swaragini’ has some more high end drama in store for them in the upcoming episodes.

According to the plot ahead, the real intentions of Kavya will be revealed on Lakshya  after the young man makes a visit to a doctor.

Lakshya, who will be seen visiting a doctor after feeling unwell, will be informed about having been drugged for quite some time now.

Angered and hurt, Lakshya (Namish Taneja) will confront Kayva about the matter, who in turn will try to end her life. The young man will be arrested by the police who arrive on the spot and finds evidence against him.

Later on , it will be revealed about Kayva (Roop Durgapal) being no one else but Lakshya’s childhood friend, Tanya.

The two were instrumental in the death of a person during their earlier days. While, Lakshya  (Namish Taneja) was freed of all the charges, thanks to the efforts of Maheshwari family, Tanya was sent to rehabilitation centre.

Now, Tanya aka Kayva (Roop Durgapal)  wants to extract her revenge from Maheshwari family. Will she succeed in her devious plans?

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