Finally ! Kavya’s past revealed in Swaragini

Fan of Colors serial ‘Swaragini’ will have to gear up for some shocking twists and revelations in the story line.

It is seen that new entry Kavya has been creating a lot of troubles for the Maheswari Family, leaving the viewers wondering about what is her hidden motive behind all her evil act.

Well, here’s all your answers….

In the upcoming episode of Colors Swaragini, it will be seen that Lakshyawill doubt Kavya’s intentions. Being unwell, Lakshya  (Namish Taneja) will visit a doctor, where the doctor will inform him that he has been drugged for quite some time now. And Finally Lakshya will realise that the mastermind behind this is Kavya.

As Lakshya will try to confront the lady, Kavya  (Roop Durgapal) will try to kill herself. When the police will reach the spot, they will find evidence against Lakshya and arrest him.

Wondering why is Kavya aka roop doing all of this? What is Kavya’s past life secret?

Further, it will be be revealed that Kavya is none other than Lakshya’s  (Namish Taneja)  childhood friend Tanya. Both the young buddies happen to be responsible for someone’s death. While Maheshwari family trickily freed Lakshya from all the legal charges, Tanya was sent to rehabilitation centre for the accident.

Tanya decides to come back and take revenge from Maheshwari family.

Interesting twist in swaragini , isn’t it?

What happens next?  Will Kavya  (Roop Durgapal) forgive Lakshya eventually and get out of his life?

Will Ragini and Lakshya reunite? Stay tuned for more updates about swaragini !
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