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Bihan wins prize money and completes Shradda's challenge

Thapki Pyar Ki Spoiler : Bihan beats luka to win prize money

The upcoming episode will show that Bihan Pandey has taken street fighters job to complete Shradda's challenge.
Bihan has to go through last fight to win prize money.
Bihan (Manish Goplani)  goes in ring to fight against the final fighter.
Bihan Pandey is astonished to see such a huge professional wrestler.
Shradda asks professional wrestler luka to beat Bihan and defeat him.

Shradda irked seeing Bihan's victory

But Bihan Pandey  fights back effectively and beats luka to win prize money.
Thapki (Jigyasa Singh) is tensed for Bihan but still encourages Bihan.
Bihan (Manish Goplani)  finally wins fight and also wins prize money, Shradda is irked to see this.
Stay tuned for more Latest updates of the upcoming episodes.
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