Major Twist In Storyline Of Swaragini

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In the upcoming episode of Swaragini serial on Colors TV it is seen that Swara  goes to bus stand to stop her family from leaving.

She holds Shekhar’s (sachin) feet and apologizes to him. She asks him not to leave from the city. She tells him that she is supporting her inlaws, by his moral teachings and good values. She requests him not to go away, and Shekhar gets leaving.

The bus leaves from there, and Swara (Helly Shah) gets surprised seeing all the family members there. Shekhar hugs Swara and Ragini, and has forgiven Swara.  There is an emotional moment between father and daughters.

Later on , Swara will find out that Kavya had planned Shekhar’s accident.

What happens next in Swaragini ? 

What is Kavya’s hidden motive?

Stay tuned For more updates about Swaragini !

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