Mindblowing Twist in Swaragini

In Colors Show Swaragini We Will See Swara & all Maheshwari ladies gang have caught Kavya. Kavya is caught by her Saas & Nanand. Kavya asks the ladies to leave her. 

Swara  (Helly Shah) is trying to give Kavya an injection & this struggle is going on. Sujata says we want to give injection to cure Kavya’s asthma. 

Swara gives injection to Kavya (Roop Durgapal) , and Kavya calls them mad. 

Swara later goes to her parents house and meets Ragini. 

Shekhar gets angry seeing Swara. Swara (Helly Shah) is still trying to convince Shekhar. Swara has to do something so that Kavya goes out and Ragini  takes entry at home. 
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