Mindblowing Twist in Swaragini

 Swara saves Lakshya and whole family

The upcoming episode of Swaragini will show that Swara's encounter plan works.

And Tanya got trapped in that plan and comes to see Lakshya's body.

And thus Swara exposes Tanya's truth before all.

Swara (Helly Shah) saves Maheshwari family from punishment and proves their innocence.

Lakshya and whole family thanks Swara for what he did.

Lakshya (Namish Taneja)  is back home and recalls how rudely he behaved with Ragini.

Lakshya is ashamed of what all he did with  Ragini and Shekhar.

Ragini refuses to remarry Lakshya

Lakshya apologizes to Ragini for all his mistakes and asks Ragini to forgive him.

Ragini forgives Lakshya and Lakshya proposes Ragini to remarry him.

Ragini refuses to remarry Lakshya (Namish Taneja)  as her family will never allow her to marry Lakshya now.

Let's see how will Lakshya convince Ragini's family for their remarriage.

Stay tuned for more Swaragini  updates of the upcoming episodes.
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