Mindblowing Twist in Tashan-e-ishq

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Yuvi's plan works to creates rift amid Twinkle-Kunj

Tashan-e-ishq Spoiler : Yuvi's plan gets successful, Kunj goes against Twinkle

The upcoming episode will show that Twinkle (Jasmine)  and Kunj has realized their love for each other.
Twinkle and Kunj (siddhant) decides to confess their love tomorrow.
Yuvi (Zain) plans destroy their relationship and create rift between Twinkle and Kunj.

Kunj's father gets heart attack and was admitted in hospital.
Twinkle and Kunj (Siddhant) are tensed and soon finds that Manohar's spiked images were realized in media.

Twinkle-Kunj parts away

It was all Yuvi's plan and Yuvi also makes fake video that Twinkle has given images in media.
Twinkle (Jasmine) tries to tell everybody that she didn't do it but Kunj does not trust Twinkle.
And says that it all happened because of her and leaves.
Yuvi's evil plan gets successful and creates problems between Twinkle-Kunj.
Stay tuned for more  updates of the Tashan-e-ishq upcoming episodes.
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