Mindblowing Twist in Thapki Pyar Ki

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 Vasudhara asks divorce in return of Bihan's life

The upcoming episode will show that Bihan got injured due to Thapki.

As goons makes fun of Thapki and Bihan (Manish Goplani)  ends up fighting with them.

And goons shoots Bihan, Bihan gets injured and was taken to hospital.

Doctors informs Thapki (Jigyasa Singh) that Bihan's condition is critical.

Vasundhara's evil intentions

And asks her to arrange for blood, Thapki asks Vasundhara to donate blood.

Vasundhara (Jaya Bhattacharya) takes advantage of the situation and keeps a condition before Thapki.

Vasundhara asks Thapki to give divorce to Bihan aka Manish Goplani in return of his life.

Thapki aka Jigyasa Singh agrees to give divorce to save Bihan from danger.

Stay tuned for more Thapki Pyar Ki  updates of the upcoming episodes.
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