Mysterious Twist in Zee Tv ' Jamai Raja'

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 Sid gets trapped in jokers plan to free Ayesha

Mysterious joker kidnaps Ayesha's and forces Sid to follow him

The upcoming episode will show that Sid (Ravi Dubey )  is trying to find the real face behind the joker.
And had planned a children's party to trap that mysterious joker.

But things doesn't went well and joker manages to escape.

Joker now kidnaps Ayesha's and blackmails Sid.
Mysterious joker asks Sid aka Ravi to make fake MMS of his father Raj Khurana.

Sid makes fake MMS

Sid (Ravi Dubey )  is astonished to know that and couldn't find jokers real intentions.
Sid is stuck between Ayesha's life and his father's respect.
While Sid aka Ravi  will choose to save Ayesha's from joker's clutches.
Stay tuned for more Jamai Raja updates of the upcoming episodes. 
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