Naagin: OMG ! Shesha to kill Shivaanya in Naagin

The coming episodes will have a shocking twist, find out how!

Revenge, suspense and romance have made Naagin a heady concoction on TV. With the series coming to an end in May, the makers are sparing no efforts to keep the TRPs high.

Last week, we saw the entry of the Icchadhari morni (Madhura Naik) who was trying her best to seduce Ritik ,. Likewise, Yamini also came to know that Shivaanya is a Naagin. Shesha and Morni also had a huge fight in which she was fatally injured. However, she spares her as Shesha is the key to get the coveted naagmani.

In the coming episodes of Naagin , Yamini aka Sudha will plan to get Shesha married to Ritik. She will try to get a confession out of her that she loves her son. Shesha aka Adaaaa will deny but will finally blurt out that she feels for him. We will also see a steamy sequence between Shesha (Adaa Khan) and Ritik, which will be her imagination, of course.

 She will lead Yamini (Sudha Chandran)  and Gurumaa (Kamalika Guha Thakurta) to the naagmani when Shivaanya will intervene. The two will have a fight and she will reportedly kill her sister.

There is a lot of drama in store in Naagin with Shivaanya trying to protect Ritik (Arjun Bijlani) from the charms of Mayuri aka Icchadhari Morni.

 She will be unaware of her sister’s growing affection for Ritik. Will he save Shivaanya (Mouni Roy) or will she die in this season?

Stay tuned for more updates about Naagin…
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