Real Culprit Exposed In Swaragini

The upcoming episode of Swaragini will show that Swara and Sanskaar make master plan along with family members of catching Kavya red handed.

They all make a plan of Lakshya’s(Namish Taneja) death where family members wear white cloths and cries on Lakshya’s body.
Some veil women come there where Swara stops one of the women to touch Lakshya’s body.

Swara(Helly Shah) removes the veil and everyone is shocked to see Kavya.
Cops also present there so they aimed gun towards Kavya.

Lakshya & Swara slap Kavya badly

Kavya says to  them that her mission get complete of killing Lakshya and she puts flower on his body.
But, Kavya gets shocked when Lakshya opens his eyes and tells her about it was all planned to catch her.
Lakshya and Swara slap Kavya again and again but Kavya is not ready to accept defeat.
Kavya puts gun on Annupurna and runs away from there.

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