Revealed: Raman’s plan for Ishita’s marriage with Ashok

Revealed: Raman’s plan for Ishita’s marriage with Ashok

Balaji Teleflims Yeh Hai Mohabbatein is not leaving a single stone unturned with it’s suspense filled track. Atlast Ishita(Divyanka Tripathi) appeared in her new look. The makers have lined up new twists in the story. Divyanka has finally shed her sari clad look and will be seen in glamorous avatar. Well, we must say She is looking fabulous in new look!

About her new look,Divyanka Tripathi  says “It is totally different from whatever I have done in the last 12 years. Nobody has ever seen me in this look. I am not sure how long my new avatar will last, but I am really enjoying it. I feel like a totally different person. I love my new hairstyle, my dress and my face. My character will hopefully be a style icon for the youth.” quoted by TOI.

Does sporting a wig for the new look get difficult keeping in mind her long hair that is tied up for several hours? “I have performed more tiring stunts like fighting with a crocodile in a lake, jumping off from a cliff, swimming across the lake, other underwater sequences and playing the ghost, so tying my hair for long seems nothing in front of it,” she replies.

As reported earlier, Nidhi (Pavitra)  purposefully lose the case to take revenge on Raman. Nidhi, who thinks Raman and his family are responsible for his father’s death, will re-enter Raman’s life to ruin his life!

But Raman bhalla plans something else… Since Raman gets to know about Nidhi’s intension,  he plots Ishita’s death (fake) and searches for evidences. Ishita will also join Raman in his plans to expose Nidhi. Ishita will be seen as Mr Raichand’s daughter, Shanaya. Raichand also asks Ashok to marry his daughter to get the business deal.

Between all these Nidhi will doubt Raman’s intentions.Nidhi is very stubborn to marry Raman and decides to marry in the Casual dress. With not option left Raman bhalla  will sit with her in marriage.
Well,Shanaya makes a condition with Ashok that she wants to meet his old friend Raman. At the time of Pheras Shanaya and Ashok (Sangram)  will stop Raman’s marriage.

How will ishita aka Shanaya (Divyanka tripathi)stops this marriage? Stay tuned for more updates of Yeh Hai Mohabbatein.
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