Shocking Twist in Saath Nibhana Saathiya

In Star Plus Tv Show Saath Nibhana Saathiya shows that Gopi & Kokila save Madhuben. afterward Madhuben feels guilty for stabbing Gopi to get her revenge from Kokila.

Madhuben asks Gopi Modi to remain happy always & goes towards the cliff to commit suicide.

on the other Side , Gopi and Kokila Modi (Rupal Patel) try to stop Madhuben but they fail in their attempt as Madhuben falls of the cliff and loses her life.
afterward, Gopi is taken on a cart to the hospital as her stomach is bleeding from the stab wounds.

Ahem touches Gopi’s feet thinking her for such a big favour

After Gopi Modi regains her consciousness, she meets her family.

Ahem Modi is thankful to Gopi for saving Kokila’s life.

Ahem also says a famous Shahrukh Khan dialogue for Gopi and also touches her feet to thank her for doing such a big favour.

Gopi hugs Ahem and Kokila Modi and the family has a happy re-union.

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